General Rules

1. This site welcomes all levels and styles of gamers, from beginners to advanced.

2. Situations may be implied, but no actual 'adult content' is allowed on this site in any form.

3. Sparkling Creek Valley is semi-realistic. Magic, powers, unnatural colors/markings, and things along those lines are not allowed.

4. We encourage you to consider joining a wolf, horse, or human, but you are welcome to join other realistic species as well (please ask on the OOC board for approval first).


1. When challenging/fighting for a territory, each player must respond to the thread within three days when it's their turn to post, or be disqualified from the fight.

2. If the leader(s) of a territory have not posted anywhere within a month, they are considered inactive. Any claim for their land will automatically succeed.

3. Leaders can decide how to set up ranking within their lands.


1. Most fights are simply role-played, but a set of rules can be established before a fight if all parties agree to it.

2. For high-stake fights (such as challenging for a territory), instances where powerplaying/godmoding become a problem, or at a player's request, fights will be handled with a Stat/Dice system. When this happens, the fight will progress as normal, but I (or any volunteers) will announce after each post whether attacks hit, and what damage was done.

3. When fighting, a character has three days to respond when it's their turn or their turn can be skipped. If an absent character returns late to a fight, they will incur extra damage during attacks (to fairly scale the attacks they didn't take during their absence).

Stats & Health

1. All characters will receive stats upon joining that reflect their character's strengths, weaknesses, and species. These stats are kept behind the scenes, and only used during breeding, fighting, and NPC encounters to help fairly determine the outcome of these situations. Players are not required to keep track of their stats, and won't need to worry about them - they are only there to help admins during fights and breeding.

2. Health is the only stat that players will need to be aware of during fights, as each player has a set amount of health.

3. When encountering NPCs or Events, the Stat system will be used. This means that players going for bounties, hunting down dangerous prey, or responding to environmental Events will have to gauge whether a situation is too risky or not to engage in.

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